About YAPC::TV

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YAPC::TV is a website launched a few days after YAPC::Europe 2008 was over—on 19th of August. The site currently is being filled up with materials and thus the best way to follow it is subscribing to its RSS feed.

What is it?

YAPC::TV is a place where video recordings from Perl events are published.

Does it contain only YAPC videos?

Yes and no. Up-to the moment the answer is yes, because the website is just launched. But later it will contain videos from Perl workshops also, and is open for materials from Perl mongers meetings as well as Perl-related stuff from general IT-conferences like OSDC, FOSDEM or OSCON.

Is it an official website of the TPF or YEF?

No. It does not belong to any foundation or was initiated by them. Domain name yapc.tv was inspired by the name of the main grassroots conference, YAPC, it looks cool and very close relates to YAPCs.

Who does maintain it?

YAPC::TV is a project of DeepText company, which was established in 2007 primarily to support Perl community in Russia and surrounding countries.

Is English the only language on YAPC::TV?

No, there are videos in Dutch, Italian and Russian currently. Talks in Slovak will appear soon. Pages with non-English talks are marked with a flag.

How can I upload a video?

If you did not yet upload it to any dedicated video hosting, you might either send a link to your personal site from where yapc.tv could grab the file, or you may ask for FTP credentials to upload your video directly to yapc.tv.

Where are the slides?

If the speaker puts the slides online, you probably will find them on the “Talk info” page. In rare cases slides appear directly on yapc.tv right to the video and are synchronized with it. Hope that in future all the videos will be accomplished by the slides.

I am the speaker and have the slides.

Please send them to mail@yapc.tv (or give a link), preferably in PDF, together with a sequence of timestamps (in plain text) which say when which slide should appear.

Is it possible to get the video in higher resolution?

Most recordings are available in two different formats (FLV and MPEG) and two different sizes. Links for downloading them appear on the right side of a page with video. Normally there exists also a larger original file which is not linked.

How to get additional materials to the talks?

Follow the link “Talk info”, and possibly there you will find more links to slides, text, or at least to the speaker’s homepage. Or check the author out at CPAN, author’s PAUSE id (if it is known) is also displayed on a page with video.

How to embed the video to my website or put a link to my talk?

Right to each video there is a link “Embed or link”. Click it and receive two text areas with HTML code you may insert to your page, and a link that you may use for automatically embedding using oEmbed technology.

How to use automatic embedding?

YAPC::TV supports oEmbed technology. For automatic fetching URLs parse HTML header of the page: there are two links for oEmbed data both in JSON and XML formats. Entry point for oEmbed service is http://yapc.tv/oembed.

We want to record a video for YAPC::TV, how to do it?

Great! Drop a message at a contact e-mail address which appears too many times on this page to include it once more.

Why video sucks?

Well, it is better to have videos that suck than talks or events which do so. The major exuse is that conferences are often held in a dark room and the contrast between the speaker and the screen is too high.

Why sound sucks?

Not in every video. For some talks there was additional sound recording, which usually gives better result.

Why slides suck?

You mean slides on the video, right? Currently the picture of some videos contains both the screen and the speaker. This will be split in the future, and a couple of current videos really have two split areas, in one of which is a speaker, and in another—slides in good resolution. So that is the question of time to have here slides that might be easily read.

Where is the rest from the event?

YAPC::TV is in the process of establishing connections with event organizers, and the goal is to have all the records from all the events. You understand that that not only is a question of money and equipment but also the question of communications and information.

Are materials copyrighted?

All the videos which were recorded by DeepTexts’s equipment are free for use, redistribute, republishing, etc.

How can I contribute as a speaker?

The easiest way is to write directly to mail@yapc.tv or catch Andrew at any event he attends.

How can I contribute as an event organizer?

Please inform Andrew if you wish to organize good recording, and details will be discussed.

I do not want me to be published here.

Very pity. But if you really wish the video with you should go away from yapc.tv, please drop an e-mail with a link and the reason.

Can I support the project?

Sure. You are welcome to help in variety of fields, starting from bug reports and new ideas trough money donation.

Whom to contact with?

Contact Andrew Shitov for any questions regarding this website.